About Us

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Welcome to Green Wellness Life

Green Wellness Life started as a quest for work-life balance, with a journey into holistic health along the way. Brandy and Jim Palmer wanted to put holistic, complementary products based on the latest research and standardized processing methods within reach of people seeking healthier lifestyles and relief from symptoms of disease.

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Quest for Balance

Their journey began when Brandy saw an ad looking for a “rock star” part-time project manager in Michigan for a manufacturer/supplier of alternative health products derived from hemp and it’s increasingly-researched component, CBD. Brandy was a busy, successful project manager working 60-hours a week, but as the pressures of juggling family life continued to mount, she and Jim decided there must be a better way to balance hard work with family life, and a move fit the bill.

Brandy put her love of research to work to help the growing company bring products to market and navigating the FDA. While both marijuana and hemp are part of the cannabis family, industrial hemp plants contain only trace (and ergo, legal) amounts of the psychoactive ingredient, THC, that has earned marijuana its reputation as a controversial substance and political hot potato. The conundrum of bringing CBD products to market is complicated by outdated legislation that, while perhaps well-meaning, limits the availability of the non-psychotropic hemp strain.

In the course of her work and research into the heady scientific interactions of cannabinoids and CBD on the human endocannabinoid system, an amazing thing started happening. Friends and family would use the various CBD products her company supplied or developed, and their reports were inspiring. A friend with arthritis finding relief from inflammation and pain, a child with ADHD increasing focus through the use of a tincture…everything Brandy was reading, it seemed, corresponded with real-life anecdotal evidence around her.

A Work in Progress

Jim and Brandy decided to launch Green Wellness Life to give others the opportunity to explore complementary health products on the leading edge, backed by mountains of research — natural, holistic, supportive products that are produced conscientiously and with regard for environmental sustainability and optimal human health.  Jim didn’t quit his day job, though.  All daily operations at GWL are run by a 3 woman team.  Brandy is grateful to have Hannah and Cara by her side as partners!

Come Grow With Us

In late 2021, we branched out as a team into indoor growing.  We believe that indoor gardening can complement our hemp selection and give us something new to offer.  Indoor gardening also provides a welcome boost of fresh color and herbs to a grey Michigan winter. 

We are so blessed and continue to grow. At any given time you may speak with our Green Wellness Life Staff…  Hannah, Brandy, & Cara. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions or want to learn more about the Green Wellness way! And cheers to good health!

Common Questions Asked About Green Wellness Life.

Are your products Safe?

Our products have all been lab tested. We do not manufacture products, but rather carry products from other manufacturers that we believe to be the best options in the market. We will never put a product on our website that we believe could be harmful or unsafe. All lab results are available by request. We are looking into the best way to add them to our product links as well. Stay tuned for those improvements!

Is there THC in our Products?

Our products contain very little THC, if any. In order to be federally legal in the US, there can be a maximum of 0.3% THC in the product. This level is low enough that there is no psychotropic effect from our product. We do have a number of 0 THC options to choose from if that’s a concern for you.

Where does your cbd come from?

There are two ways that Hemp can be legally sold in the US. The first is to be legally imported Hemp extract from seeds and stalks. All of the initial manufacturers we carried followed that route and imported Hemp from Europe, but the second way – domestically grown Hemp – is becoming much more prevalent. Domestically grown Hemp extract is legal under the 2014 US Farm Bill as one of a number of nutrition and agricultural products.

Is your CBD synthetic?

NO – all of our products are from natural sources using CO2 extraction, lab tested for quality, metals and solvents. We will not carry synthetic CBD.

Do you use any artificial flavorings?

Most of our products are either unflavored or naturally flavored, but there are some vape, tincture and edible products with a mix of natural and artificial flavoring. You can read the full ingredient list in each product description.

Is your CBD a drug?

All of our hemp based CBD products are considered food or supplements.

Where IS Green Wellness Life Located?

We are located in Western Michigan and all product ships from the warehouse here. Check out the Contact us page for more details? 

Charitable Work & Community Involvement

Community and healing have been core pillars at Green Wellness Life since inception. Healing the body can help one individual, but healing a community can help the many and we owe so much to communities across the country who have supported our company and mission from the beginning. Each year we engage in a number of charity and community activities.


Every Green Wellness employee gets $500 at the end of each year to donate to a charity of their choice. Green Wellness employees have donated to the following charities:


Earth Justice A collection of lawyers using the legal system to advance clean energy, combat climate change, and preserve wildlife.
YWCA’s Nurse Examiner Program – A program designed to provide free rape exams and medical help to sexual assault victims.
Pilcrow Foundation – A foundation created to provide new hardcover children’s books to rural public libraries across the country.
Crash’s Landing – A local pet rescue that helps cats find loving homes.
Grace’s Table – A local organization that assists teenage mothers with parenting play, education, careers, and finding tools for healthier relationships, financial management, and other important adult skills.


In addition to our annual donations, Green Wellness Life also supports pet rescues, veterans and students. Rescues are very near and dear to us, as many of the staff members have rescued pets. For this reason, we not only donate items to rescues, but also offer product discounts to owners of rescued pets. We regularly donate pet tinctures, peanut butter, and coconut oil to pet rescues and sent over $500 in pet products to pet rescues and veterinarians in Puerto Rico working with homeless pets as well as Soulshine Wildlife Rescue, a local organization working to protect and rehab local wildlife here in West Michigan.