Dog Rope Fetch & Tug Toy

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Dog Rope Tug Toy

Have a bored pup?  Looking to entertain a busy fur baby? Our Dog Rope Fetch & Tug Toy is a great addition to your fur baby's toy bin! Although Green Wellness often says that we carry "all things hemp," we also carry a select few items that are not made of hemp. This toy is one of those items.

As we are focused on all things healthy for your pets with hemp, we want to make sure their other needs are being met, too. Animals not only love to be engaged, but it is an essential part of their health both physically and mentally. Watch your furry friend light up with the dog rope fetch & tug toy! Play is a need for our pets and there is no better way to celebrate our pets than with a new play toy.

I think that it is fair to say that we all could use a little celebration and play in our lives, especially now. Although we may think that our furry friends are well equipped to entertain themselves, it's the simple things like a rope toy that can make the difference. If your furry friend struggles with keeping out of the trashcan, like too many do, this may also be a helpful addition to your "anti-trash" training arsenal. The simple rope fetch & tug toy may have the ability to entertain even the cleverest and naughtiest of pets. The thick rope is durable and resistant to being torn and/or eaten to help keep your pet playing for longer. You can take this toy with you outside for some outdoor play or bring the fetch & tug rope inside for constant playtime.  

Why Choose GWL Dog Rope Fetch & Tug Toy?

  • Made with your dog in mind to enrich a pet's life
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for play between pups and humans, indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to grab and lightweight
  • Perfect for medium or large pets
  • Rocks the Green Wellness Life logo
  • Lively green color
  • Might get a shoutout if you post a picture of your pet with the toy

How to use the GWL Dog Rope Fetch & Tug Toy:

It is not difficult to use need help ask your pup can assist with the details.  Hold one end and encourage your pet to join you in tugging or playing.  You can also throw the rope toy easily for a quick game of fetch. The circular shape of the rope toy permits an almost frisbee-like tossing experience that can send both you and your pet into a fit of rope-loving joy. It is important to watch your pup as not all pets play the same and there is no such thing as a truly indestructable toy. Supervised play will help this fetch & tug toy last longer, in case your pup gets a little rough. We are committed to, first and foremost, keep your pet safe and healthy.

This is one of our three non-CBD enrichment options for pets.  Here are those other choices - pets love puzzle feeders! If you're looking for CBD for pets, we can help with treats, oils, capsules, and even peanut butter.  A healthy endocannabinoid system is great for pets, too!

Color: Green Class: Dog Fetch and Tug Toy Uses: Pet Accessory, Pet Toy Engage your pet's sense of play with the pet rope toy.

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