Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil

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30 day money back guarantee



Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil 

Please note that this is not a CBD product. Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil is a nutritious mild nutty oil that can be added to any nutritious health conscious  diet.  You can add to any salad, cold dish, vegetable dish or take by itself daily.  Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil is packed full of Omega's 3, 6 & 9, and 9 essential amino acids. It is harvested by cold pressing hemp seeds from the hemp plant.  Most Hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD or other Cannabinoids. 

This hemp seed oil is made from the seed itself and it is different than CBD or other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.  Hemp seed oil is sometimes added to the cannabinoids in a full spectrum product as a carrier oil but it will not naturally have CBD included in it.

Endoca's Raw Hemp Seed Oil is a 3:1, Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio and has many properties that can aid in healthy skin, hair and nails and more.   Endoca Hemp Seed Oil Also contains ALA (omega fatty acids) that can contribute to the maintenance of normal blood and cholesterol levels. Proteins and amino acids are the body’s essential building blocks, and a raw hemp seed oil like this can be an incredibly healthy addition to a vegan plant-based diet. Hemp proteins are highly digestible and have a mild taste that most consider to be earthy or nutty.

Endoca is considered one of the premier producers of top quality hemp oil in the world. The Endoca team has been growing hemp in Europe since 2010.  They have always managed the hemp production process from seed to shelf.  In 2020, they began utilizing US grown hemp in their hemp and CBD products, continuing to own their process from the hemp fields to the shelves in our storefront!

Why Choose Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil?

  • Independently lab tested
  • Premier producers of top quality hemp oil in the world.
  • Promotes daily well being
  • Zero Chemicals
  • Great for skin, hair and nails
  • 100% natural
  • Organic
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan & vegetarian
  • Suitable for everyday use

How to Use Endoca Hemp Seed Oil:

We recommend adding Endoca Raw Hem Seed Oil to food like salads, veggies, dressings or taken by mouth daily.  You can use it raw or slightly heated . Recommended serving size 2 tsp/25 servings per bottle (10 g).  This oil is not suitable for frying. Note: Store in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to heat or sunlight.

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CBD Strength: 0 CBD /0 cannabinoids Size: 250ml/8.5 oz  bottle (227g) Flavor: Natural (Earthy) Mild nutty flavor Class: Hemp Seed Oil Uses: Great for Hair, Nails, Skin and overall health


100% Raw Organic Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil


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