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The Bluebird Botanicals Story
Bluebird Botanicals was founded by Brandon Beatty in 2013 in Louisville, CO. Brandon first discovered CBD around 2010 with the apothecary he had worked for at the time. CBD changed Brandon’s life and he knew it could do the same for others as well. Brandon first launched Gaia Botanicals in 2012, which then became Bluebird Botanicals a year later. 

At the time, Bluebird Botanicals was manufacturing CBD products before there was even an established industry for CBD products. The goal since inception has always been to provide others with the happiness we all seek. That is why Bluebird Botanicals uses the Bluebird of Happiness as their logo. Bluebird seeks to provide the safest, most effective, high-quality botanical supplements that nature has to offer. 


For over seven years, Bluebird has consistently delivered on their mission to provide safe and effective products. They were the first company to create a batch database system with 100% transparency into product lab results. They are also a certified B Corp. This means that Bluebird meets the highest possible standards when it comes to legal accountability, public transparency, and environmental performance. 


The CBD products from Bluebird Botanicals are some of the best on the market and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. 


What Bluebird Botanicals CBD Products Does GWL Carry?
Bluebird Botanicals is one of our favorite brands at Green Wellness Life, so we carry a wide selection of their CBD products. We carry Bluebird’s Classic, Complete, and Signature blend tinctures, as well as their classic and complete blend softgels. We also carry Bluebird’s full spectrum gummies, their companion tincture and capsules (for dogs and cats), and their sport and silk CBD lotions. 


Why Buy Bluebird Botanicals CBD Products?
There are many reasons to choose a Bluebird Botanicals CBD product for your routine CBD needs. Bluebird’s products are certified by the US Hemp Authority. They are also non-GMO,  gluten free, and made from hemp grown right here in the US. Bluebird Botanicals is an award-winning CBD manufacturer and you can’t go wrong with selecting any of Bluebird’s great products for your everyday needs. If you’re shopping for CBD gummies, we also think Bluebird may have some of the best tasting gummies on the market.