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Empower BodyCare

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About Empower BodyCare

Empower BodyCare began as a woman on a mission to help her mom manage pain way back in 2004.  It was well before hemp or CBD were household names, but the founder of Empower Bodycare was convinced of the plant’s power to help people reduce discomfort and lead more enjoyable lives.  Empower BodyCare remains a leader in the CBD topicals world, setting standards for transparency and quality.  Here at Green Wellness Life, we’re excited to partner with them!


Empower Body Care Topical CBD Relief lotion and CBD relief roll on oil

Both smell and feel amazing when applied! These topical CBD products from Empower are a wonderful option if you are  looking for benefits from topical CBD all over, but do not want the greasy feeling that a salve or oil can leave.  


Empower CBD lotion is a soothing blend of organic aloe, organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, green tea extract, and domestic hemp extract.  Good stuff, right? You’ll definitely notice the bright fragrance of lemon along with an earthy, floral backdrop. We think it smells like summer!


Empower Topical Relief Oil is a synergistic mixture of CBD blended into the highest quality lavender, bergamot and wintergreen essential oils and carrier oils available.  The essential oils are infused with non-psychoactive CBD oil from industrial hemp. This Topical Relief Oil is extracted and cultivated using organic practices.

Empower CBD Oil is perfect for those looking for a simple way to use CBD oil that can provide neutralizing benefits whenever necessary.  The lavender, bergamot and wintergreen are present in the oil without bringing an overpowering fragrance along for the ride.  The Empower Topical Relief Oil comes in a petite 9ml rollerball applicator – perfect for your gym locker or backpack.


The CBD in all Empower products are extracted and cultivated using organic practices and a proprietary blend of the highest quality essential oils, including that Lemon Verbena that we alluded to earlier.  The aloe and shea and jojoba oils are key to well-moisturized and soft skin. Lemon Verbena smells wonderful and is a natural insect repellent.