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About Endoca CBD Oil
Endoca was founded in 2010 by Henry Vincenty and was one of the world’s first CBD oil companies to start selling CBD products online. Henry was a student at the Danish University studying genetics when he first started to research CBD. Henry had been working in Africa on a project aimed at increasing the lifespan of Zulu residents suffering from AIDS. Henry found that the mainstream medicine being provided to residents was actually making their conditions worse. This led Henry to explore alternative medicine and ultimately arrive at CBD oil.


Henry is a Danish scientist whose family had a background in hemp farming in Denmark. Henry’s research led to the discovery of a unique method of CBD extraction, which is what the Endoca brand was built around. Henry planted two hectares of hemp in Northern Europe and built a small high-tech lab, which would become the start of Endoca. Since then, Endoca has grown to produce over 1,000 hectares of hemp a year with a factory that extracts the oil and creates the high-quality Endoca products.


Endoca has set a personal goal to make CBD oil a common-place household item by 2030. They put a lot of love and care into all of their products and they are certainly a trusted brand worth admiring.


What Endoca CBD Products Can You Buy In The Green Wellness Life Shop?
You can buy eleven different CBD products from Endoca on the Green Wellness Life online shop. We carry Endoca’s raw hemp seed oil, their hemp oil drops, and raw hemp oil drops, as well as their raw and CBD oil softgels. For those new to Endoca, we do have an Endoca CBD starter pack that you can buy to try a range of their products. We also carry Endoca’s CBD gum, lip balm, suppositories, salve, and body butter. If you’re looking for a topical solution, we love Endoca’s salve and we find their raw capsules and tinctures to be great for managing pain.


Why Buy An Endoca CBD Oil Product?
There are so many great reasons to choose Endoca for your CBD oil needs. Endoca products are 100% certified organic. Endoca is a family-run company, so great care is taken in ensuring transparency and product quality. Endoca is a privately owned company and profits are diverted back into research and development instead of being handed out to shareholders. All Endoca products are also kept as close to the natural hemp plant as possible to ensure you’re getting the full benefits that hemp has to offer. As one of the oldest CBD companies in the industry, Endoca has built a long standing reputation on quality and transparency. They are a brand you can trust.