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The Entourage Hemp Story
Entourage was founded in Denver, CO in 2013. Entourage Hemp is owned by parent company, Cannoid, LLC. Cannoid runs one of the most state-of-the-art formulation labs in the country. All Entourage Hemp products are produced there. Entourage operates with many guiding principles that align with our core beliefs at Green Wellness Life. Entourage believes that hemp products shouldn’t be expensive, or contaminated. They believe that sick children should not be marketing props, the cannabis plant should be respected, and the plants make the rules. Entourage Hemp is a trusted brand in the CBD industry. We’re proud to offer Entourage Hemp products in our CBD shop. 


What Entourage Hemp Products Does Green Wellness Life Sell?
All of us at Green Wellness Life are big fans of Entourage Hemp. We carry the full product line, including: Wholeflower CBD microcaps, Deep Sleep Gel Capsules, Wholeflower CBD tincture, and their CBD softgels. We like Entourage’s products, because they are some of the most potent products on the market. Studies have shown that there are many benefits to keeping CBD extracts as close to the hemp plant that came out of the ground as possible. Entourage does a great job of doing just that. 


Why Choose Entourage Hemp CBD Products?
Since the founding of Entourage Hemp in 2013, there have been a number of new CBD companies burst into the market. Choosing CBD products can be overwhelming with so many different options available. What sets Entourage apart from other CBD brands? Entourage was the first CBD company to do many different things. They were the first to only use FDA-registered CBD produced from hemp that can be traced from seed to shelf and they were the first to include certified batch test results with each product. Entourage’s CBD products are some of the strongest on the market. Entourage was the first to create tinctures that contained up to a 24% potency. If you’re looking for products that are both effective and provide great value, the CBD products from Entourage hemp may be what you’re looking for.