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Why Buy From Green Wellness?

- All of our products are independently

  lab tested for safety.
- We offer a 30 day money-back

- We offer free USPS ground shipping with

  every order
- Our Green Rewards Program helps you

  to save on every purchase.
- Our secure payment gateway ensures

  your information is safe.
- We take great pride in offering unrivaled

  customer service and support.

About Hempy's Hemp Apparel


HEMPY’S is based in San Diego, CA and makes premium t-shirts, jeans, board shorts, vests, belts, wallets, beanies and hats of all kinds – all from hemp! Hempy’s believes in making beautiful, sustainable, and healthy hemp clothing while also making a positive change on the planet.

Hempy's has been making clothing from hemp since 1995, long before the hemp went mainstream. 


Hempy's Hemp Clothing Company Goals

- Educate and increase awareness about the current state of the unsustainable, high competition, high volume “fashion industry”. We aim to make clothing that is an extension of how you feel about your own health and the health of the planet.
- Design fashionable and comfortable hemp clothing collections for women and men using healthy hemp fabrics.
- Become a supply chain leader in hemp clothing. We want to show the consumer and the industry that it is possible to deliver sustainable clothing with care along the whole supply chain.


All Hempy products are made in the USA. Hemp is a strong fiber that will last for generations.  Hemp goods tend to be incredibly soft and cozy.  The hempys products come in a variety of colors and options so there is something for everyone.