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The Koi CBD Backstory

Koi CBD was founded in Norwalk, California in 2015. From the get-go, Koi has been one of the most transparent CBD companies in the industry. Koi offers extensive information about all of the ingredients used in their products along with where those ingredients are sourced from. Koi’s mission is to set the standard of quality for CBD users everywhere and Koi does a good job of meeting that mission. All of Koi’s products are produced with hemp grown in the US and Koi’s products are very consistent in-terms of quality. Koi’s products consistently earn awards and recognition. Koi has been featured on a Forbes list of best CBD oils and more. 


What Koi CBD Products Does Green Wellness Life Sell?

Green Wellness Life sells a variety of Koi CBD products for both humans and pets. On the human side, we offer Koi’s CBD natural broad spectrum CBD tincture. For dogs and cats, we offer Koi’s CBD pet spray and CBD chews for dogs. We’ve found that dogs really love the CBD chews. Even the pickiest pups have found Koi’s chews to be irresistible. 


Why Buy Koi CBD Products?
Koi’s CBD products are some of the most high-quality, trusted products on the market. Koi CBD products are produced from hemp grown in the United States. All of Koi’s products are made with natural ingredients and no artificial flavorings. Koi’s CBD products are also independently lab-tested for safety and effectiveness to give you peace of mind. You can view the lab results for each product on the individual product pages on our site. Koi CBD products may just be the addition to your wellness routine that you’ve been needing.