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About Made By Hemp

Made by Hemp was founded in 2013 after hemp supplements helped turned founder Jeff Gallagher’s life around. After a life changing experience, Jeff made it his personal mission to help at least five people a month discover the benefits of hemp. Since 2013, Made by Hemp has been an industry leader in producing CBD products and working with retailers to help offer quality CBD products to customers worldwide.


What Made by Hemp CBD Prodcuts Does GWL Carry?

Green Wellness offers 3 versions of CBD concentrates from Made by Hemp. These concentrates are some of the most raw and untouched form of CBD oil that can be purchased on the market today as there are no added ingredients. Shop Made by Hemp brand CBD concentrates with GWL today! As always, feel free to reach out to our team with any questions related to Made by Hemp or their products. 


Why Buy Made by Hemp CBD Products?

There are many reasons to choose a Made by Hemp CBD product for your routine CBD needs. One of the things we love about Made by Hemp is that they are a boutique CBD manufacturer. Meaning that they make all of their products by hand crafting them in smaller batches. Made by Hemp is a great choice for CBD products, especially if you are looking for products with minimal ingredients. Try Made by Hemp CBD today on Green Wellness Life.