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About Mary’s Nutritionals
Mary’s Nutritionals was founded by Lynn Honderd. Lynn originally started Mary’s Medicinals, a cannabis wellness company, in 2013. Lynn wanted to branch into CBD and differentiate the CBD products. Mary’s Nutritionals was born in 2015 out of that desire. 

Mary’s has made it their mission to provide as many people as possible with a higher quality of life through a mixture of plant-based ingredients and innovation. Mary’s Nutritionals employees some of the brightest minds in science who regularly collaborate with prominent physicians to produce the best possible wellness products. CBD products from Mary’s Nutritionals are some of the highest quality products you can buy. 


What Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Products Does Green Wellness Sell?
Green Wellness Life loves Mary’s Nutritionals, because their mission and values closely align with our own. We sell the transdermal CBD patch as well as the Remedy CBD from Mary’s Nutritionals. 


Why Buy Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Products?
Mary’s Nutritionals CBD products are some of the highest quality CBD products that money can buy. Mary’s products are developed by some of the brightest minds in science. They regularly collaborate with prominent physicians across the country to ensure that products are as cutting edge and effective as they can possibly be. All Mary’s Nutritional products are held to the highest possible quality standards and every product is independently lab tested to verify that those standards are maintained. Mary’s Nutritionals is one of the most trusted brands in the CBD industry and you can’t go wrong with a Mary’s Nutritionals CBD product.