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About Medterra

Medterra is a true CBD seed to sale company. Their industrial hemp is grown and extracted in Kentucky following the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and their products are manufactured in America. Medterra is a US Hemp Authority certified company founded by Jay Hartenbach out of his passion for the benefits of CBD. Not only does Medterra offer high quality CBD products, they also make unique CBD products like CBD gum with L-theanine and other herbs, various types of capsules that can be quickly absorbed, CBD chews for pets, and more. 


What Medterra CBD Products Does Green Wellness Carry?

Green Wellness Life carrys a variety of Medterra CBD products. The overall product categories we carry for Medterra are capsules, tinctures/oils, pet prodcuts, gum, and gummies. We have varieties of options for each category, and helpful teammembers available to answer questions you may have. We also have helpful information on all of our product pages listed above for Medterra's CBD products to further help you decifer between them and choose the right option for you. 


Why Choose Medterra?

We like Medterra for many reasons, our main are...
- they are vertically integrated, therefore they grow their own hemp and thus can control the process to ensure quality from plant to product

- they offer uniqe product types not found elsewhere, like CBD gum with L-theanine and other herbs which is a pretty innovative, and enjoyable, way to consume CBD that you won't easily find elsewhere. Another example would be their liquid capsules, which are fast acting CBD capsules, again not necessarily easily found elsewhere

- Medterra also has a medical advisory board with various types of doctors helping to oversee product formulation and quality

- They launched "Medterra Cares" which is a program where they help give back to military vets and those who are long term medically disabled