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About Panacea Life Sciences (now Pana Health) - A Female Owned and Led Business

What started as a way to help Leslie Buttorff’s 78-year-old mother with a fractured pelvis, led to the creation of Panacea Life Sciences which has recnetly been rebranded to Pana Health. The idea came apparent when she was beta testing her ERPCannabis software—a resource planning tool for marijuana companies that were struggling to run back-office operations and track seed-to-sale transactions. As Buttorff’s knowledge grew she geared her focus toward CBD and hemp. In 2017 she named her company after the Greek goddess of healing and remedies, Panacea. Buttorff has tight ties with Colorado State University and donated $1.5 million to assist with cannabinoid research for a center there. Panacea and CSU will team up to discover new sciences and build each other up. Leslie’s mother is now 82-years-old and takes Zumba classes regularly, pain free because of her daughters dedication to “helping people and pets feel better everyday by delivering the highest-quality CBD products on the market.”


Noteable Pana Health CBD's Milestones

- October 2019: Founded the cannabinoid research center at CSU
- December 2019, investment by XXII Century to expand capabilities, increase marketing, and initiate our commitment to scientific research
- In late 2019, acquired Needlerock farms, a 250-acre hemp farm, located in Crawford, CO to increase quality of hemp supply as well as gain access to unique genetics.
- Full GMP certification in 2020.
- 2020 expanding from a CBD company into a cannabinoid company with capabilities to concentrate and purify each cannabinoid produced in the hemp plant.


What CBD Products from Pana Health Does Green Wellness Offer?

Green wellness is currently offering Pana Health's softgels and F.A.S.T. acting hemp oil tablets. These product types are simple and easy to use, and the tablets are especially benefitial for those looking for immediate results. Shop Pana Health CBD on Green Wellness today. Reach out to our team if you have any questions related to Pana Health or CBD in general!