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Papa & Barkley

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About Papa & Barkley
Papa & Barkley was founded in 2015 by Adam Grossman and Guy Rocourt. The story behind Papa & Barkley is an incredible one. Adam’s father had been struggling with immobilizing back pain. He was forced to be placed in hospice care and was told that if he wasn’t able to get out of bed in the next week that he probably wouldn’t survive. Out of desperation, Adam bought $500 worth of marijuana and a crock pot and cooked up his own pain balm. Adam rubbed the balm on his father’s back and his father was able to get out of bed and get out of hospice. It was an amazing recovery considering most patients don’t end up leaving hospice. Papa & Barkly is named after Adam’s father and their family pit bull Barkley (whom Adam’s father had a strong connection with). 

The company’s name is designed to symbolize the unconditional love between Papa and Barkley, which is the same love Papa & Barkley hopes to provide to customers. Today, Papa & Barkley is a team of over 100 caregivers, scientists, and professionals. The company produces a range of high quality CBD products loved by individuals around the world. Papa & Barkley is now one of the leading topical cannabis companies in California. 


What Papa & Barkley CBD Products Does Green Wellness Life Sell?
Green Wellness Life sells several different products from Papa & Barkley. We offer Papa  & Barkley’s CBD Releaf body oil and CBD Releaf tincture in both traditional and double strength. All of these products are full spectrum products that are great for pain and inflammation. 


Why Buy Papa & Barkley CBD Products?

When you buy a Papa & Barkley CBD product, you’re buying from an established, trusted brand. Papa & Barkley has been producing quality CBD products for over five years. All Papa & Barkley products are developed with hemp grown right here in the US. Papa & Barkley CBD products are also independently lab tested to ensure safety and consistency. All Papa & Barkley CBD products are full spectrum to give you the full benefits of the entourage effect.