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Purity Organic

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About Purity Organic CBD
Purity Organic CBD Tea is a convenient and great tasting CBD tea. 

Purity Organic CBD Tea was created to bring a pure narrative to CBD, turning clean ingredients into life-changing products. They say... "We believe there is a pure version of “you” inside each of us. Our Best Self.

Our mission is to help feed and nurture it."


Purity Organic Teas

Each CBD tea bag contains 15 mg of CBD per tea bag. Many of the CBD teas out there are loose leaf CBD tea, but not Purity Organic CBD tea bags. They have all the benefits of organic quality ingredients packed into a tea bag for convenience. Purity Organic CBD Tea is what we refer to as a “booster” and it has all the benefits of a nano CBD product (water soluble CBD product.) That means that the compound has been broken down into tiny pieces for faster absorption, thus results are noticed more rapidly. These CBD tea bags not only taste great, but also get to work quickly making them a great option when you need a little boost of CBD. 



Why choose Purity Organic CBD?
- Third party lab tested
- Gluten free
- Convenient for on the go
- Domestically grown hemp
- Organically grown hemp
- Easy to swallow
- Non-psychoactive
- Sugar free
- Vegan
- 0 THC
- Available in three flavors with specific tea blends to help you sleep or feel focused or revived