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The Social CBD Story
Social CBD is owned and operated by parent company, Kadenwood Brands. The company is based out of Portland, Oregon and was founded in 2019. The Social CBD brand was previously known as Select CBD. Select CBD was rebranded to Social in late 2019, because the company produces both THC and THC- free products and wanted to differentiate their THC free products. According to Kadenwood, better self-care and health begins with having the right conversations, which was where the Social name came from. If you previously used Select CBD products, the products from Social CBD are the same exact products you’ve come to know and love under a new brand name. 


The company has made it their mission to become a global leader in providing pure, tested, and effective hemp derived products. Green Wellness Life only sells brands whose values align with our own and Social CBD is no exception. The team at Social value transparency, excellence, and integrity and all of these values really show in their products and service. Social CBD is certainly a brand you can trust and it’s one that thousands across the world already love. Green Wellness Life reviews and posts the lab results for each Social CBD product we sell, so you can be sure you’re only getting the best CBD products available. 


What Social CBD Products Does Green Wellness Carry? 
Green Wellness Life is very fond of the Social brand and carries a wide variety of Social CBD products, all with 0 THC. You can find Social’s isolate tinctures, broad spectrum tincture, CBD gummies, pet tincture, gel capsules, extended release capsules, cooling spray, muscle rub, muscle balm stick, and transdermal patch for sale on our online CBD shop. 


Why Choose Social CBD Products? 
Social CBD products are tried and true products you can trust. All Social products independently tested and quality checked by a third party lab. The products are clearly labeled with no ambiguous ingredients. They are also 100% plant-based and rich in phyto-nutrients. If you’re looking for a THC-free CBD product, you can’t go wrong with a Social CBD product.