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The Little Flower Soap Co.

A small Michigan based business that was founded by a husband and wife team who have a passion for natural health care using herbs, vitamins, natural ingredients . They believe in only using quality ingredients and a commitment to all natural healing recipes. We love their products and are very excited to carry them! All of The Little Flower Soap Co. products are cold pressed  to preserve the essential oils and prepared in small batches to preserve the quality of the natural ingredients. The company uses only the best certified aromatherapy grade essential oils, organic almond oil, organic botanicals and organic minerals that are all naturally derived, to create a product you can feel good about using and sharing with your family and loved ones!


Some of what we love:

Essential oil Room Spray is safe for your entire family including your pets and it even smells great.  We think it’s so great, you could wear it as a cologne!  Did I mention it really works, too? We  know ALL about stinky feet, smelly bathrooms, laundry and all the other areas in our house that need a little sprucing up. Don’t worry – we have what you need.  Just spray in those not so lovely areas and everyone will be asking where you bought it! Need a gift for that special someone, they will love it!


Each 4 oz amber glass bottle of Essential Oil Room Spray by The Little Flower Soap Co. is beautifully packaged with a spray lid to make it easy and convenient to use wherever you need something to smell a bit better or give them as gifts you can’t go wrong.


Handmade Soaps by The Little Flower Soap Co. are all natural handmade soaps that smell amazing and feel wonderful on your skin.  The Little Flower Soap Co. uses an heirloom cold process soap recipe and makes all of their products in small batches.  Each soap includes coconut oil, olive oil and tallow and offers a moisturizing lather. Each soap is gentle enough to use everyday for all skin types. Because homemade soaps are made all natural ingredients, they are a great choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin.


Essential Oil Roll-Ons by The Little Flower Soap Co. are made right here in the state of Michigan and the home of all of us here at Green Wellness Life. This company is a real treat and we were lucky to find them! We carry a variety of their roll-on options. Each .35 oz/10.235 ml amber glass bottle is beautifully packaged, so it is great for you or to be given as a gift. 


Beard Oil by The Little Flower Soap Co. is made right here in the state of Michigan and the home of all of us here at Green Wellness Life. This company is a real treat and we were lucky to find them!


We now carry a variety of their products and this beard oil is loved by some of our regulars with beards.   If you have a beard (or know and love someone with a beard!) they will love the scent and the moisturizing.  This beard oil is also great for styling. Each 1 fl oz beard oil includes naturally moisturizing ingredients like Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil.  The combination of these two ingredients  has incredible moisturizing and conditioning properties and will help with any dryness or flakiness.  That’s right, no more flakes for you or your loved one.  Combine this with the beard oil for styling and you have a winner!