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- All of our products are independently

  lab tested for safety.
- We offer a 30 day money-back

- We offer free USPS ground shipping with

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About Wellphoria CBD and Hemp Hair Products

 Wellphoria was born from the brilliant minds at Zotos Professional. Founded in New York in 1929, Zotos Professional revolutionized the salon industry with state of the art innovations for professional salon services. Nearly a century later, they still pride ourselves on... "making powerful salon products that make astonishing beauty transformations possible, every single day."


Wellphoria CBD Hair Products

That is right you’ve asked, and we’ve answered! We now have hemp based hair care products available! We have even created bundled offers so you can save an additional dollars with our bundled deals. It’s a fantastic option when you’re looking for full hemp-infused hair care benefits or you can purchase individually based on your personal hair needs! Wellphoria products address all 5 dimensions of hair wellness incuding strengthening, conditioning, softness, balance and shine adding hemp seed oil and cannabinoids to take those 5 dimensions to the next level!


What Wellphoria Products Does Green Wellness Offer?

Wellphoria Hemp Infused Hair Care includes three great hemp infused hair products which when used daily together can make your hair stronger and more conditioned, while balancing your scalp and providing shine. We offer:

- Hemp Infused Hair and Scalp Oil

- Hemp Infused Hair Treatment Masque

- Hemp Infused Shampoo

- a bundle deal with all 3!