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  • 5
    Crazy good

    This stuff is crazy good. Seriously.

1 Review

  • 5
    Crazy good

    This stuff is crazy good. Seriously.


Sister Bees Creamed Honey

Please note that this is not a CBD product.

Sister Bee's Creamed Honey is naturally crystallized and made by some amazing bees right here in the state of Michigan (home of all of us here at Green Wellness Life).  If you have never tried creamed honey, this is a treat!  Made with 100% pure Michigan honey and REAL organic lemons, plus it has no artificial additives! Sister Bee's creamed honey tastes wonderful and spreads easily on toast, bread, or anything your heart desires.  Don't feel like spreading it on something?  It is also wonderful to eat on its own!  You can add it to any recipe, or add a tablespoon to your tea or coffee. This creamed honey is delightful! It's now offered in two delicious flavors: 

  • Cherry Creamed Honey
  • Lemon Creamed Honey

So, why Sister Bees creamed honey, you ask? There is plenty of cheap honey on the market, but Sister Bees starts with Hasselman's honey, which is not one of the cheap brands.  Hasselman's flower sources include dutch clover, basswood trees and alfalfa along with a mix of wildflowers, making their honey light-colored and mild flavored. 

This is known as one of the best types of honey in West Michigan. Don't forget that honey is good for you too!  Packed full of antioxidants and linked to an incredible amount of health benefits. Use it as a substitute for sugar and enjoy in moderation!

Hasselman's is one of the few producers that have a zero bacteria count.  They even use all honey spills and drips. At Hasselman's, those drips are fed back to the bees. They don't end up in your bottle.    When looking for good honey, it is important to note that the flavors of honey come from the oils and nectars of the plant.  If honey is overheated, the oils evaporate causing both flavor loss along with nutrient and pollen loss.  With Sister Bee's honey, the temperature of the honey is kept at 120 F, so there is no risk of overheating.  This leaves your creamed honey with a great taste and quality product.

Why Choose Sister Bees Creamed Honey?

  • Premier producers of top-quality honey in the USA.
  • Promotes daily well being
  • Zero Chemicals
  • 100% Natural
  • Organic
  • Antioxidant
  • Non-GMO
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Cherry or Lemon flavor
  • Spreadable honey
  • Great for recipes or by itself

In the USA there are no standards for importing honey. Imported honey can have additives like corn syrup or other contaminants, or can be overheated causing it to lose its nutritional value and benefits.  

If this isn't the honey that you were looking for, you can find all of our Michigan-made honey options here

How to Use Sister Bees Creamed Honey:

We recommend adding Natural Honey to any recipe or meal that you like.  You can add it to salad dressings or marinades, drizzle it on chicken breasts,  mix it into yogurt or add it to your coffee or tea.  The options are endless!  It also tastes great alone or spreads on toast to delight your taste buds.   Trust us this will become a staple in your house. Note: Store in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to heat or sunlight.

CBD Strength: 0 CBD /0 cannabinoids Size: 8 oz jar (454g) Flavor: Light colored & mild flavored Uses: High in Antioxidants and great for overall health. This product contains no hemp or CBD. If you are looking for a CBD edible, you can find those here


Lemon: 100% Raw Honey from Michigan Bees & Organic Lemons

Cherry: 100% Raw Honey from Michigan Bees & Michigan Cherries


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