Military Assistance

It is an unequivocal fact that we would not be where we are today without the sacrifice and service that millions of American servicemen and women have offered for our country. At Green Wellness Life, we are whole-heartedly grateful for the freedom and protection our veterans have fought to provide.

We realize that serving our country can be a thankless job at times and we also realize that the journey to a healthier lifestyle isn’t always affordable. We want to ensure our holistic health products are accessible to everyone and we also want to thank our vets, which is why we provide a veteran’s assistance program. You can learn more about our veteran’s program and how veterans are using CBD oil below.

Does The VA Prescribe CBD Oil?

Since VA clinicians can only prescribe medications approved by the FDA, they are not able to prescribe CBD oil. CBD is also currently not covered by Medicare or Social Security benefits. Quality CBD products can be affordable, but they aren’t cheap. We wanted our CBD products to be even more affordable for veterans, which is why we offer an assistance program.

About The Green Wellness Life Veteran’s CBD Oil Assistance Program

Under the Green Wellness Life assistance program, veterans are able to purchase CBD products from Green Wellness Life at a 15% discount. The discount is available to all United States veterans. Veterans looking to receive the discount can contact our staff by calling (888) 772-7875 or filling out a contact form to be provided with the discount code.

The discount applies to all Green Wellness Life products and there is no minimum order requirement to receive the discount. We ask that those who use the discount only use the code for themselves.

Again, we are incredibly thankful for everything our veterans have done to protect us. Our veterans have sacrificed so much for us. We feel that offering an assistance program is the least we could do.

What Do Veterans Use CBD For?

It’s important to understand that the staff at Green Wellness Life are not doctors. We cannot prescribe, diagnose, or treat any ailments. Our goal is to simply provide information on what our customers and the latest medical research has to say. Below is a list of conditions our veteran customers regularly buy our CBD products for, along with what the latest research says in regards to those conditions.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The number of Americans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder has been on the rise, but PTSD is an especially prevalent issue for the veteran population. Approximately 10-20% of all veterans experience PTSD symptoms. That rate is 3 to 6 times higher than the rate of PTSD among the civilian population.

PTSD is commonly treated with a combination of psychotherapy and medications. However, medications used to treat PTSD can cause very undesirable negative side effects ranging from reduced sex drive to worsening insomnia. Researchers believe that CBD could be a promising alternative in helping to aid with PTSD, especially since CBD rarely produces side effects. There have been a few studies conducted that examine the relationship between CBD and PTSD.

  • 2019 study of 11 patients found that 91% of patients experienced a decrease in PTSD symptoms after 8 consecutive weeks of treatment with CBD.
  • 2016 case study found CBD to be an effective and safe treatment for anxiety and sleep issues experienced by a young girl with PTSD.
  • 2015 review of 11 different studies conducted on military veterans with PTSD found that cannabis did seem to help control PTSD symptoms.

While more studies will be needed, the research surrounding CBD and PTSD is promising.


The number of military members diagnosed with an anxiety disorder has increased 327% since the year 2000. Post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety often go hand-in-hand.

CBD is known for it’s calm-inducing effects, and as such, is considered by many to be a great option for those suffering from anxiety. In fact, a study conducted on consumers who buy CBD found that anxiety was the third most popular reason for consumption.

Medical experts have been studying CBD as an option for anxiety relief:

  • As previously mentioned, a 2016 case study found CBD to be an effective and safe treatment for anxiety and sleep issues experienced by a young girl with PTSD.
  • 2012 study conducted on rats found that rats exposed to a cat displayed fewer anxiety symptoms over a week if they were given CBD.
  • 2011 study found that CBD reduced anxiety in individuals that took place in a simulated public speaking exercise.

More studies will certainly be needed, but the results thus far have been hopeful.

Sleep Difficulties

In addition to anxiety, insomnia is another symptom commonly associated with PTSD. For the veteran population, insomnia is one of the largest predictors of PTSD. Nevertheless, even veterans who don’t suffer from PTSD commonly suffer from insomnia.

Because insomnia often results from stress, CBD may be able to help. The calming and stress relieving effects that CBD induces may aid in stabilizing your sleep patterns and improving sleep. One particular study that analyzed the effects of CBD on patients with anxiety found that CBD increased the quality of sleep for patients in just one month’s time.


American veterans experience a higher prevalence of pain and more severe pain than civilians. Injuries sustained in the line of duty can lead to a lifetime of severe chronic pain that can be costly to manage.

Help with pain and chronic pain is the most popular reason consumers purchase CBD products. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and has been studied as an aid for chronic pain.

It’s believed that CBD can help with pain management by binding to the TRVP-1 G-protein receptors in the body. The TRVP-1 receptors are involved in regulating pain, body temperature, and inflammation. Many scientists believe that CBD could be an effective alternative to opioids, which are highly addictive. Some studies have even indicated that CBD could be helpful for those suffering from an opioid addiction due to opioid prescriptions for pain management.

Addiction Recovery

Substance abuse is a prevalent issue for many Americans – veterans included. Approximately 11% of veterans receiving VA care have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder. There is a high correlation between PTSD and substance abuse and nearly a third of all veteran suicides are preceded by alcohol or drug use. Opioid addiction is another large concern for veterans. When veterans are prescribed opioids for injury pain, it’s possible that an addiction may develop. In fact, veterans are twice as likely as non-veterans to die from an opioid overdose.

Drugs like alcohol stimulate the brain’s reward system, which results in an imbalance of dopamine and serotonin. Long-term drug abuse can leave the brain in a state of hyperactivity; creating a neurochemical need for the drug.

CBD has been shown to potentially have long-term benefits for recovering addicts. It’s believed CBD’s effect on neurotransmitters like dopamine might be able to provide individuals relief from addictive behaviors. Through CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system, scientists theorize that CBD can help to rewire the brain’s reward system so that cravings for alcohol or other drugs are significantly reduced.

Several studies have examined CBD’s potential as a drug craving inhibitor.

  • 2019 review of 143 studies found that CBD reduces the overall level of alcohol drinking in animal models of alcohol use disorder.
  • 2019 study analyzed 42 individuals with a heroin use disorder. The study found that individuals administered CBD rather than a placebo experienced lower drug cravings and less anxiety in response to cues designed to trigger cravings.
  • 2015 review of 14 different studies left researchers to conclude that CBD may have therapeutic properties on cocaine, opioid, and psychostimulant addiction.
  • 2014 study on CBD for tobacco smokers found that CBD reduced the number of cigarettes smoked in a week by 40% during treatment.
  • 2013 study on morphine use found that CBD inhibited the reward-facilitating effects of morphine and could be clinically useful in inhibiting the rewarding effects of opioids.

While the studies are promising, more research will certainly be needed to determine whether or not CBD is truly effective in aiding with addiction recovery.

Additional Veteran Resources

There are a number of resources available to veterans looking for help. The staff at Green Wellness Life wanted to take the time to compile some of our favorite resources below for those in need.

Resources for PTSD

Next Step Service Dogs
National Center for PTSD Help

Resources for Suicide Prevention

Stop Soldier Suicide
NVF Lifeline for Vets
VA Suicide Hotline
National Suicide Hotline

Resources for Addiction


Resources for Housing

VASH Program
Homeless Veteran Stand Downs
National Coalition For Homeless Veterans

Resources for Transportation

1-800-Charity Cars

Resources for Employment

VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Home
National Veterans Foundation Job Board

Additional Questions? We’re Here To Help

If you have additional questions about CBD or our veteran’s assistance program, or if you’d like help navigating our shop, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our staff is available and ready to answer any questions you may have. Simply call (888) 772-7875 or fill out a contact form to speak with a Green Wellness Life team member.